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A free software solution, accounting program and inventory system
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Monely is online FREE ERP software solution, business management software, business accounting program and inventory system for small, medium and medium to large companies around the world.
The software consists of the following modules:
1) FireBird SQL Server - a powerful free database server. We are using version 2.5
2) OK-Server - main part of the system, which enables client applications and connection to the database. By default, ok-server uses port 20000 but you may configure a different port.
3) Program interface - a client application running entirely in your web browser. For optimum performance we recommend Mozilla FireFox or Chrome.
Two-Click Simple Workflow
Use our unique "two-click" feature to access any information in your company databases. Get any information about your business in just two clicks! Everything is logical, intuitive and clear. There are no made-up terms and definitions, everything is in line with business practices.
Advanced Sales and Supply chain Workflow
Use our flexible document and transaction system to track sales by contracts, orders, invoices, way bills, sales statements, returns, stock reorders. Create new documents based on existing ones in just one click of a mouse. Keep records of business processes with your current rules and traditions. No restriction or limits on our part.

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